Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Don't Mean to Sound the Alarm

but there are only 19 more shopping days! So let me direct you to one of my favorite places to fine unique and thoughtful gifts...ETSY!!!

Etsy is THE place to buy and sell all things handmade. And I kid you not when I say you can buy just about anything on this site. Granted, there are some strange things to be found but there are also some of the cutest, most creative and fun items also.

Isn't this bag divine?

I bought these cute bows for my new niece last year.

This necklace will be under the tree for Brown Sugar this year.

I love this mug.

I gave these notecards to my SIL last Christmas who has become a rock star knitter.

Now if you are new to this blog, then you probably missed my tribute to Etsy last year when I choose virtual gifts for all my real and virtual friends. It was great fun. And although I'd love to choose a thousand more gifts to virtually giveaway again, I just don't have the time. But there is one special friend I'd like to honor with a special gift I hand choose from Etsy....

O mY woRD, Merry Christmas friend: I couldn't resist this and this for your stocking this year.


Livin' Life said...

I am beginning to fall in love with Esty too. I love the peach fuzzy things. Tiffany is trying to convince me to open up a shop on Esty. We will have to see.

Natalie said...

I could definitely see you having a shop on Etsy. Do it! Do it!

In fact, Tiffany could have a shop on Etsy!! Do it! Do it!

Melissa said...

Wow... now, that is a perfect example of why ETSY kinda freaks me out a little bit.....