Friday, December 21, 2007

My Virtual Etsy Christmas Gifts - Day 6

Patty is a really hard person to buy for because "things" just don't do much for her---she is all about connecting and interacting with people. But I think she'll be thrilled with these personalized correspondence cards that will help her stay in contact with her many friends around the country.

My mother-in-law has become quite the quilter. This pendant was created with a photograph of a beautiful handmade quilt. The plethora of colors appeals to all quilters, colorful personalities and rabid geometric color theorists. Although the seller doesn't mention this option in her description, I wouldn't be shy about asking if she would make a pendant from a photo of one of my MIL's favorite quilts for that extra-special touch.

My mom has been following this Etsy series and asked if I had found anything made from dominoes. A short search later and I found a large number of these Miniature Domino Necklaces recycled with washi paper, tiny glass beads and protected with multiple layers of a water based sealant. This particular seller has dozens of designs and colors to match your every mood and outfit.

Six in the Mix is a busy home school mom but somehow she finds time to do a lot of reading. That's why I'm crazy about what I found for her. This item is called a book re^marks, a slender 3.5 x 7 bookmark that opens up to an eight-page notebook, enabling you to keep notes about the book you're reading. They are perfect for marking your place and writing down all your notes-- whether they are facts to be referenced, items for further research, quotes from the text, URLs, or your own insights. They are also perfect for keeping track of book titles you want to read, ones you have read, or emails of cool people you meet at the coffee shop.

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Six in the Mix said...

Yea! I got a present. Thanks, Nat. I love it.