Saturday, August 26, 2006

What is MIA?

We all need something as moms! It could be an encouraging smile or a much needed break from the demands of motherhood. That’s why MIA can play such an important role in the lives of moms as we support each other practically, emotionally and spiritually.

At our monthly meetings (September-May), we explore topics ranging from motherhood to home management. Each month MIA will feature a speaker and you'll learn about new products, and tried and true tips from seasoned moms. These meetings are a great way to meet other moms in the region and to take a break from the demands of motherhood. Childcare is available.

Special events are another way MIA brings moms together to relax and have fun. Whether it is a coffeehouse or all-day scrapbooking event, these are just another way to connect with other women who are walking in your shoes.

It is important to have people you can turn to when you need support as a mom. For new moms, we provide several meals when they return home from the hospital. We also provide support and resources for moms facing post-partum depression, breastfeeding difficulties, and other situations where the mom needs extra help.

Motherhood is too important and too demanding to do alone without the support and encouragement of other moms. We hope you’ll let MIA help you carry the load!

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