Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where does MIA meet?

MIA meets the second Tuesday of ever month in Common Grounds Cafe at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill, PA. Here are directions

Traveling on Rt. 15 North
Take Slate Hill Road exit. Church is immediately on your left.

Traveling on Rt. 15 South
Take Slate Hill Road exit. At stop sign, turn right onto Slate Hill Road; at stop light, turn right. Take first right onto Slate Hill Road. Church entrance is first drive on your right.


Tracy said...

What time are the meetings? Is there a telephone number to contact someone to make sure the meeting is happening? Thanks, Tracy Nicks

TCC said...


Unfortunately, there wasn't an email for me to respond to your question directly.

Morning meetings are from 9-11AM and the coffeehouses are 7-9PM. You can call the church directly if you want.

If you have any other questions, please click on the "Questions?" link under the MIA FAQ. This will lead you to our MIA email address and we can then email you directly.

Thank you!