Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Virtual Etsy Christmas Gifts - Day 5

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to give these next gifts out. Plus, I've got something special planned for Friday that you won't want to miss.

Thrills recently wrote about her HUGE Christmas tree. I got to see it a few weeks ago and she didn't is gigantic and looked like it could use a few more ornaments. So I think she'll like this handmade Christmas ornament that combines simplicity with an earthy feel.

My friend Somma lives in the sunshine state but she grew up in Queens, New York. This Map Bag has Brooklyn on one side and Queens on the other side. The fabric on the side panels is a black and white city print with the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and other landmarks. I thought this bag would serve as a reminder of those years working and living in one of the best known cities in the world.

My sister-in-law loves to be in the kitchen so I thought this beautiful teal apron would get a lot of use as she cooks up her next gourmet meal.

Promises Fulfilled is a great cook so I thought she might enjoy this gift box full of either cakes, cookies, fudge or the luscious sampler. If she chooses the cakes box she gets to choose six from a huge list of offerings including Raspberry Vanilla, Strawberry Chocolate Cake and Root Beer and Vanilla ice cream Cake. A few cookie choices include Banana Split, Aloha Cookies and Chocolate Walnut. Four different kinds of fudge fill this delectable box like White Chocolate and Butterfinger. And if she just can't make up her mind she can choose five items from any category.


Thrills said...

Thank you for my virtual gift. I really do like it! And you are right, I could use more ornaments on my tree. Good choice!

Melissa said...

okay, okay I really like the teal apron and the dessert sampler! Very cute!

Promises Fulfilled said...

Thank you for my virtual gift! I not only like to bake, but I love sweets too - so, this is great! :)