Thursday, December 20, 2007

Etsy Virtual Christmas Presents - Day 4

The gifts just keep coming...

Say Anything recently did her living room over and was just saying how she'd like a rug for it. Of course, Etsy had the perfect one. Soft and luxurious this 100% recycled area rug is made from over 70 discarded t-shirts. Made with hand cut t-shirt strips sewn on a durable cotton jersey t-shirt base. This one is hand dyed with water and ground decaf coffee but they also have it available in a rich cocoa brown that might be an even better color for her room.

It's no secret that Jim is an Ohio State football fan. It's also no surprise that they are playing in the National Championship game. Jim really likes head coach Jim Tressel so I thought he'd like this Tressel mini sweater vest ornament (the coach's signature look). Jim can decorate his Christmas tree, hang it from his rearview mirror....or just hold it for luck during a close game!!

My childhood friend, 2 Boys' Mom, moved to Virginia about two years ago after more than a decade of living in San Diego. I know she has many great memories of that place and I thought this pendant featuring an image of a vintage map of California, specifically San Diego, would help her hold those memories close to her heart.

My cousin Emily is an accomplished pianist so I think she would like these beautiful music notecards made out of old sheet music books. This set is unique and no two cards or additional set is identical.

I met Reever in college where we both played on the volleyball team. She is a school teacher and I tried to come up with a special "teacher" gift, the likes she has never seen in her 15 years of teaching. I came up with these 9 altered rolodex cards. They are clear, tab dividers that she can personalize to fit her needs AND re-use them year after year! They can be divided by months, students names, alphabetically (like a-e, f-h, etc.) or by days of the week. Don't they just scream teacher!

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2 Boys' Mom said...

I'm found something on etsy that I do like. It was very thoughtful. Thanks N.