Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Stressing

UPDATED: Melissa, as my good friend Somma used to always say, "You mock what you don't understand." To the rest of you, don't hesitate to send me links to anything you spy on Etsy that would be a good gift for Melissa. Krazy Klinger sent me a good one today.

I have to admit that I'm really stressing over what Etsy Christmas present to give oH mY woRD. Since she was the one who started this whole thing and since, as she informed me last night, she hasn't really been impressed with anything I've picked so far, I'm at a loss for what to get her because, you know, it needs to be the PERFECT gift.

So help me out by voting in the poll in the sidebar and let me know whether oH mY woRD should get a lovely and beautiful gift that she will adore and that will change her mind forever about Etsy or should I get her something outrageous and crazy because I'll never find anything she's going to like on Etsy even if I stay up till all hours of the night scanning every last page of Etsy.

Please excuse that last run on sentence...


Melissa said...

My anticipation is building.....I'm getting excited......what oh what will my Etsy virtual gift be? And, will it be from a deranged penguin lover???!

Thrills said...

I must be boring. As of right now, I am the only 1 out of 10 who voted "something she will cherish and love forever".

Melissa said...

Updated: You're so right! Who am I to mock a crafty gal named disturbedpenguinpoo???!

Bring it on, girls. I'm ready to be "Etsy"ed.