Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Etsy Virtual Christmas Presents - Day 3

There are five more gifts waiting under the tree for...

I'm giving my first non-blogging, but avid reader gift to my brother who is expecting his first baby in February. He's also a big baseball fan, so I thought this shirt would express his sentiments perfectly.

Plain and Simple has a beautiful singing voice that she uses often to bless others. She's also crafty so I think she could appreciate these sheet music star tags that could be used as mini gift tags or embellishments for her scrapbooks, card making, or other altered art.

We all know how classy of a mama Kelli is so it would only make sense that she likes to watch Audrey Hepburn movies. This Audrey Hepburn tote bag is perfect for when Classic Mama needs to carry all her classic movies back to the library.

I'm thinking any diehard fan of Pride and Prejudice, like Camp Hill Girl, would enjoy this original watercolor painting of Sophia dreaming of Mr. Darcy. I don't know what it is about this painting, but Sophia actually reminded me of Camp Hill Girl so it seemed even more fitting.

Southern Belle is not a blogger but I've blogged about her love of bugs many times. To her, I give this miniature paper bee sculpture designed and made from 25 little pieces of paper. This very real and detailed bee is a curiosity that would look great framed in a shadow box or as a centerpiece at her next bug-themed party.

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Classic MaMa said...

Thank you so much for your kind gift. It's exactly what I need! I'm afraid that Scarlett will want it for herself, but we can share. We might even be able to put Bubba in it! I'll have to pop over to etsy and pick out a pretend gift for you too.