Monday, December 17, 2007

My Virtual Etsy Christmas Presents - Day 1

Last week, I introduced you to Etsy and shared some of my favorite finds on that site. However, not everyone found Etsy as endearing as I did. So to prove that Etsy is more than just an outlet for artsy people named disturbedpenguinpoo (that still makes me smile), I'm giving out my virtual Etsy Christmas presents to all my fellow bloggers and regular non-blogging readers this week.

Each day I'll post 5 gifts that are from Etsy. To show just how diverse the site is, I'm trying to tailor the gift to what I know about the person. Therefore, some of the gifts may be quite fun and eccentric but at least you'll get to know the wide range of items available.

So, go your presents.

Mirror, Mirror is a big tea drinker. She's also a very stylish and design conscious person who I think would enjoy this beautiful eggplant cup and saucer made out of porcelain clay. The saucer was made by rolling out a slab of clay and imprinting it with a cabbage leaf and then shaping to fit the cup.

Kathleen is always the picture of grace and beauty and this shabby romantic tote pefectly reflects Kathleen's timeless, classic and casual style.

Nothing says Merry Christmas to an accountant like a typewriter key brooch! This is an actual typewriter 1/4 - 1/2 key off an original functioning vintage typewriter, and I know Audit Mama will squeal with delight every time she performs an audit with this brooch on her lapel.

Can we Tawk? is the original drama queen and nothing says drama like this one of a kind handbag! It's stunning in a napped animal print and contrasting red lining! A gorgeous, extra large rhinestone brooch finishes it off. Oh, can you hear the gasps of jealousy now?

Our Krazy Klinger is expecting her second child and nothing makes an expectant mom feel good like a new maternity tee shirt that lets others know you're in the family way. And with her krazy personality this shirt should fit her perfectly.

This is a print called The Red Thread. I thought The Gang's All Here would appreciate its beauty and meaning since she's in the process of adopting a baby girl from China. According to Chinese folklore, when a child is born they are connected by an invisible red thread to all who will care about them. As the child grows, the thread becomes shorter, drawing them ever closer to loved ones.

More gifts tomorrow...


Emily said...

You there! You've ruined me for life, you know. I read your blog last week and then decided I would just browse Etsy for a bit to see what I could see. Three hours later I emerged from my Etsy playland to cries of, "Are you STILL on that site?" from my housemates. Let's put it this way: I don't plan to shop anywhere else from now on. I blame you.

Your cousin

Promises Fulfilled said...

You have definitely found some cool items on the site. I have not gone on the site myself, but have been enjoying what you have showcased!

Stephanie said...

Thank you! How thoughtful. It's really nice!

Krazy Klingers said...

Just in case anyone is wondering I'm a size Large. LOL

The Gang's All Here! said...

OMIGOSH! Wiping my eyes (dabbing really, so as to avoid more wrinkles!) I love this. I'm off to check it out - what a beautiful piece. I love it! Thank you for the thoughtfulness and THANKS for introducing Etsy. OOOOOOOOH!

Kathleen Ellis said...

What a great idea Natalie...virtual gifts...I wonder if I could get away with htis for my kids next Christmas?!
FYI...I love the bag you selected for me..and for next Christmas...I love the one you selected for Laurie!
I'm also wishing for a new car!