Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Virtual Etsy Christmas Presents - Day 2

It's day two of my virtual Etsy Christmas Presents and I've got some real creative ones for some gals today.

Nomi has a huge heart for Africa, especially the people of Liberia. She's also a hip and stylin' gal, so I thought this teardrop-shaped yellow jasper pendant with the African Adinkra symbol NYAME NTI which means "by God's Grace", or trust and faith in God, would suit her well.

For those days when On Fire for Him needs her "faith fire" stoked a little, she can just look at her refrigerator to see these Scripture magnets and be reminded of God's faithfulness and provision.

Since The Back Door is family, I thought she'd appreciate this unique and nostalgic painting which is sure to garner (LOL) a discussion of yesteryear and treasured family memories.

Nicole over at The Campbell Corner is definitely one smart cookie when it comes to science. Since she spent her pre-mommy years as a high school science teacher, I thought she'd appreciate this charm bracelet that spells the word SCIENCE with amino acids. Now that's a conversation piece!

I high a lot of respect for gals who dig math because, frankly I'm not doing so well with second grade math. Hands Free Heart is one of those people who likes numbers and is not afraid to use her math skillz for good. So I know she'll like this fibonacci number pin.

Let's see, whose gifts are under the tree for tomorrow?


TCC said...

Thank you for my virtual gift! I love it. :)

I think I'll have to point Simms your way for some ideas...

the back door said...

i love it!! hubby is all about knowing our family tree and i've gotten really into all that stuff!! what a perfect item!!

i love this site!!

merry christmas

On Fire For Jesus said...

This is awesome! I love, love Etsy. And you are a great virtual gift giver! As well as a real live one too! We just got our surprise package in the mail! It was so exciting!!! I can't wait until Christmas morning .... can't wait!

Much love!