Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Know...

it's bad enough that I have to shield and deflect my kids' eyes from all the scantily clad women (and that's being generous) that are perched in the Victoria's Secret store windows in the mall. But at least once we are past the store I don't have to worry about seeing them again.


Apparently, Vicky's Secret wants to take their half-n*ked w*men to every inch of the mall because when you purchase something this holiday season you receive a shopping bag with three more women pictured sitting in their underwear and Santa hats.

It's a little unsettling to walk into a food court and be greeted by 20 women clad in their underwear and Santa hats.


Melissa said...

Funny you should mention that because I was annoyed to see their mannequins in underwear perched on high shelves laying down all around the store so you can see them as you walk by. It's bad enough when they're standing in the window, now they are posing them to look like they are ready for some action....I hate to think of what's next!

The girls were shocked to see a mom and dad and 2 elementary-aged boys walk in the other night! They just couldn't believe someone would take their kids in there!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I hear ya! I rarely take my tween and teen boys there anymore. It's hideous. And there are so many other stores gettin in on the action: Hollister, Ambercrombie, Torrid, even a mannequin at JC Penney - Like I need my boys thinking those thoughts in an already difficult season of life! UGH!