Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

For those of you who read this blog via a RSS feeder, I have a new poll up regarding Wegman's that you might want to click over and check out.

Also, in the last column you'll notice that you can now sign up for the MIA Newsletter right here! If you would like to know more about the MIA monthly meetings, special events and other news of interest, just click on the icon and give us your e-mail address. The newsletter is monthly. If you currently receive our CyberNewsletter you DO NOT need to sign up again.

Finally, I have a busy couple of weeks coming up and my posting will probably be a little sporadic. But I didn't want to leave you hanging with nothing new to chew on so I've invited several non-bloggers to make their blogging debut here. I figure they can entertain, inspire and encourage you with their stories, advice, recipes and tips. Who knows, maybe a new blogger will be born!

1 comment:

TCC said...

That is soooooooo cool. I clicked on it just so I could see what came up. But I already get the newsletter so I didn't sign up.