Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monk & Neagle

A couple months ago, Boomama introduced me to a new group called Monk & Neagle (sounds like eagle). They were her latest musical obsession and a few days later she was able to snag 100 free CDs of Monk & Neagle's yet-to-be-released album "The Twenty-First Time" for her internets. A few days later I was a proud owner of their new CD.

Now I'm not a music critic whatsoever. I just know what I do and don't like. And I do like, no I love, this CD. Their sound is unique, the lyrics soulful and it's a pleasant change from the same "sound" that seems to permeate all music these days.

Plus, the kids love it which means I can play it in the van all the time!! I've also heard their single "Hallelujah, Jesus" on WJTL and XM Radio numerous times so you may have already heard their music and not known it.

You, too, can own all their musical goodness because this album is being released TODAY. You can visit their site to hear samples of the music and to learn more about this up and coming duo.

Look, I'll even let you hear a little snippet right here. Go ahead--you won't be sorry.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I've been wondering about these guys for awhile now, thinking I'd probably love them. They sound a bit like Shane and Shane, with some Rich Mullins old sound thrown in for good folksy rhythm. I'm off to the store, to pick one up for me while I pick up Krazy Praise for BBE's b'day! Thanks for the listen.

TCC said...

Me thinks I like them...