Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Gotta Start Somewhere

For those of you who have had the priviledge of hearing Say Anything's schtick, have I got news for you! I just received an email from an organization that wants to "book" her for their state convention. They want her to do her schtick. I'm so not kidding. Our Say Anything has a gig.

The lady heard her schtick at one of our MIA meetings and wants to bring Say Anything in for her organization's state convention. She will have her name in a program. She will be applauded by thousands...or at least hundreds. Fans will seek out her autograph and t-shirts.

Next I'll be fielding calls from Leno and Letterman. Hey, The View needs another sidekick. And I can already see a US tour in the works called "Underwear: Uncensored"

Well, I gotta go. I've got to get my resume together. I'm sure she'll need an agent. Or a publicist. Maybe even a writer. Hey, someone's got to carry her bag of props. I could do that.

One more thing. Do me a favor and don't mention this news to her yet. She's out of town and I've haven't been able to talk to her yet. Do you think she reads this blog? Well, just in case, please leave a comment encouraging her to go for it. You gotta start somewhere!

tag: Moms In Action, Fun


JB said...

I have always appreciated the laughs that "Say Anything" brings to the MIA meetings - it is a great way to start the meetings! You will be great, Say Anything!

On Fire For Him said...

Girl - You know my opinion on this one! This is one of your gifts that God has given you! You will rock the house!
Standing with you on this one!