Monday, July 03, 2006


With summer comes a host of bumps and bruises that all kids seem to collect like badges of honor. Many just require a bandaid, but sometimes an emergency will happen that requires more and many times our medicine cabinets are unprepared.

I was recently introduced to the Pedia-Pak, a specially designed first aid kit for infants and children. This convenient, compact and portable kit is perfect for the car, beach or for use around the home. The Pedia-Pak eliminates trips to the pharmacy in the middle of the night or while on vacation in an unfamiliar environment.

Plus, it's economical by including quality full-sized medical instruments (including a flexible digital thermometer, bandage scissors, and tick remover) that would cost more to purchase separately. Pedia-Pak eliminates the need to run out and buy full packages of everything that you may not need. Full-sized products that go out of date can be costly.

Pedia-Pak also includes a copy of the highly acclaimed first aid book, Emergency Medical Treatment: Infants, Children, Adults by David Manhoff and Stephen Vogel, M.D. It is an excellent resource and guide.

Don't be caught off guard this summer! Check out the Pedia-Pak for your family.

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