Monday, July 03, 2006

Mom's Minivan

I took a 12-hour trip this month with my three kids. It was ugly. Before we were on the turnpike the baby was crying. He cried through the tunnels and mountains of Pennsylvania, cried through Wheeling, Columbus and Dayton, and then finally passed out in a cornfield in Indiana. I vowed off 12-hour car rides until he's at least 16.

Unfortunately, when you go on a car eventually have to come home. However, on the return trip the baby was not the problem. The 4 and the 6 year old were the problem. So instead of crying, I now had to hear fighting, whining, crying, shrieks, whining, fighting, whining and more crying back through the cornfields of Indiana into Dayton, Columbus and Wheeling and through the tunnels and mountains of Pennsylvania.

I'm guessing my trip may have been different if I would've just visited first. This great Web site has 101 ideas for fun things to do in the car with your kids. Mom's Minivan has kids' travel games, printable car games and activities, and road-trip tips. She even has where you can find travel freebies.

For the love of Pete, don't go on a 12-hour car trip (or any trip!) without checking this site first! Awwwwwgh...I can still hear the whining, and the fighting, and the crying...

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