Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm on a Break. And Much, Much More

I'm dedicating this post to all my gals at the Federal Corrections Center.

It's Wednesday and I've yet to post a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge for this week. Well, there won't be one this week because I'm not on speaking terms with my scale. We're trying to work out our differences and I'm hoping we can call a truce by next week, but we'll just have to weight and see.

American Idol
Last night's opening show was THE best AI opener in the history of the show. Usually the first 2-3, even 5 shows are just a little boring because we're just marking time trying to get rid of all the marginal contestants. Once they are all systematically picked off, then we can start the real contest with the top 4-5 people who actually have a shot to make it in the music industry.

So when Randy dawg said at the top of last night's show that this was the best group of contestants ever and any one of them could be the next AI, I did my week 1 eye roll and gave my best 'whatevah' . Because they say that every year. And no one believes them anymore.

But Lord have mercy, Randy was telling the truth. One after another they marched out and did one killer performance after another. Of course, there were several that were a little off, but even their 'off' was a hundred times better than most people's best. Michael Jackson's music provided the backdrop for the night, and nothing compares to a little MJ and Jackson 5.

If you're not familiar with my AI recaps, I always make the disclaimer that I have absolutely no musical knowledge or talent and I wouldn't know pitchy or off tune if they slapped me in the face. I just know what I like and don't like. Plus, I like to add my own personal commentary on aspects of the show you may have missed.

Most weeks I go through every contestant, but since 13 is a lot of people for me to pay attention to, I'm just going to comment on those who left a strong impression.

Robert Downing, Jr: I mean Danny Gokey. Love him, love him, love him. I don't like his glasses, but I love him. And PYT never sounded so good.

Megan: As soon as I saw her I had huge flashbacks of Carly from last season. Looks like I'm going to have to suffer through another season with a gal who has a huge, crazy tattoo snaking down her arm. And, of course, she likes to wear sleeveless shirts. But she's quirky, crazy, and can't dance worth a lick. She's my type of girl...minus the tattoo.

Scott: Love him behind the piano.

Kris: What a cutie. In a slightly geeky, yet hip way. Thought for sure Simon was going to bash his plaid farmer's shirt, but he choose to chastise him for being proud of his wife. Another reason why Kris rocks.

Allison: She's a young Kelly Clarkson. Love the gravely voice. And the RED hair is growing on me.

Adam: The judges loved him. He was a little harsh for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to send him a barrette before the season is over to keep his bangs in place, but I'm willing to give him a listen. Oh, and Adam, please lose the black fingernails. Thank you.

Matt: He looked just like Justin Timberlake sitting at the piano, if you cocked your head to the right, squinted at a 45 degree angle and coughed. Seriously, there were several times I definitely saw and heard glimpses of JT.

Alexis: Pink and red must be the 'in' colors for hair this season and Alexis has a serious pink streak front and center. I actually like it and I loved her performance.

Dancing with the Stars
Although I don't plan on doing weekly updates on this crowd pleasing show, I can't resist giving a few observations from another stellar opening season show.

Lil' Kim: She gave the BEST shout out in reality television history and it will forever be part of my vocabulary. I actually thought I was watching Janet Jackson dance during her performance.

Chuck Wicks: Never heard of him, but Julianne is absolutely giddy.

Law of the Universe: Playboy Playmates and rodeo cowboys should not do Dancing with the Stars. Ever. Never.

Shawn Johnson: Adorable. And she's only 17. And 4'11". Why didn't I look like that when I was 17? Or when I was 4'11"

Steve Jobs: Black socks, the thinking breaks, breaking down the dance into analogs, the pink boa. Please, please, please America, keep Mr. Jobs around for a while. I love him.

And now for the best rebound in reality TV history: Melissa, the woman the bachelor jilted just one week ago. (and, of course, we had to relive the moment once again) She was incredible!! And she only had 48 hours to learn the dance. Her outfit was hideous, but she and her diamond encrusted tattoo were floating on air. Incredibly elegant and the smile never left her face.

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The Gang's Momma said...

Love Danny G and Kris. Still not following real closely yet tho - weeknights at 8 are insane here, what with 5 kids milling around in various stages of bed-preparations and all. :)