Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Healthy Living Challenge - Week ?

For those of you who like rigid schedules and predictable outcomes, this may not be the challenge you want to follow. I've been anything but rigid and predictable when it comes to doing this post each week.

But for those of you who are more loosey goosey with your life, we may be kindred spirits right now.

Well, last week I wasn't on speaking terms with my scale. You see two weeks ago I was on the verge of breaking the 150 barrier and started to weigh myself every day because I just couldn't stand the excitement. Somewhere around Wednesday or Thursday I hit the magic number...149. But for only one day. I never saw it again and when it came around to the following Monday I actually weighed in at 152. Now you can see why I was at odds with my scale.

This week I've been yo-yoing between 152-150. I think this morning I was at 151.5. As my wonderful husband keeps reminding me, "I bet if you added in exercise you could easily drop another 5 pounds."

Sounds so simple, doesn't it.

I'm doing well with cutting back on soda and still trying to get enough water each day. I've not been doing well getting to bed at a decent time. That's just a hard one for me because I really do like staying up late.

So let's go around the room and hear how everyone has been doing the last two weeks. Don't be shy.

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Melissa said...

My Wii Fit is my only scale and we aren't on speaking terms right now....let's just say by the feel of my waist band things aren't going too well.

I am planning to walk now (for exercise) that the weather is warming and tonight I romped on the trampoline. There is hope for me, yet!