Monday, March 09, 2009

Community Connectors Update!

Saturday March 7th we headed out to Harrisburg. The Streets Ministry hit the sidewalks of Harrisburg pumped and ready to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit come to this city. Along with our arsenal of love we were able to hand out free hats and scarfs hand made by some fantastic women participating in Community Connectors at CCC. The scarfs and hats were a hit. I have to admit with 60 + degree whether I was a little nervous about how many would need hats and scarfs but of course God had all of that in control.

Let me tell you ladies these men and woman were blown away by your generosity and love. They couldn't believe they were hand made just for them. One older woman asked if she could take ten hats. She has ten grandchildren and she shared with me that she can rarely give them gifts so blessing them with some cool hats would be awesome. She painstakingly picked out a hat for each grandchild noting how this one loves purple and the baby would love the bonnet. Then if that didn't fill your heart she looked up at me and asked if she could have one for herself. Absolutely! She actually came looking for us because she had heard there was a group of people out on 13th Street praying for people and she said she needed some prayers.

We had little kids run off excited with their new hat and adults just tickled that someone would go to the trouble of making such beautiful things for them. We have a small bag of left overs but 3/4 of the hats and scarfs are gone. If we had stayed out all day I am sure there would be none left. Those leftovers will be held for the Street's Ministry to take out with them in the fall or winter of this year.

Thank you, thank you ladies! Your time and prayers were powerful and effective. We had a Muslim man accept Jesus into his heart and many, many others seeking us out for prayer. I believe that your hats and scarfs were so filled with love and anointing that it changed the atmosphere of Harrisburg that afternoon.

Stay tuned for April when we make NICU blankets for Harrisburg Hospital. More details to come...

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Natalie said...

What an awesome outreach! Love the extra love sown into each item.