Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Healthy Living Challenge - Week 8 (Sort of)

I'm so torn this week because although I know I'm suppose to talk about all things healthy, I've got much bigger things on my mind. Things so big, it's amazing I weigh only 151.5 pounds this week. I wasn't really focused on my new routine and got a little sidetracked at times...thus the small gain. But can you blame me when I've been anticipating for the last 7 days the grand finale of The Bachelor, plus, the finale of Top Chef. It's more reality show stress than I'm use to and I may have tried to alleviate the anxiety with one or 7 bags of chips or cookies. And maybe a little chocolate.

First, Top Chef. I really wanted Carla to win. Yes, she's quirky and eccentric and nerdy, but I love her and wanted her to take the top prize over the boys because she knows how to cook with soul. And love. But it wasn't her night and the honor went to Hosea, whom I also liked. I'm guessing he is probably single right now, but we'll see what his status is Wednesday when they gather all the chefs together to "dish." Oh, how I love a good "dish."

But people!!! The drama! The conflict! The tears! The heartbreak! The Bachelor!

Oh my goodness...if I'm honest, it all started for me when Jason let Jillian go. She was a charmer and I thought that she had totally swept him off his feet, only to be axed at the next rose ceremony. But this week was the MOST EMOTIONAL, EXCITING, EXCRUCIATING, DRAMATIC AND TV HATING EPISODE EVER!!! And that just wasn't a marketing ploy like it has been the past 19 seasons.

First, he choose Melissa. Then during the "After the Rose" show, he dumped her. It was like a gruesome car accident that you don't want to look at but you can't help looking for the bodies as you drive by. Or maybe that's just me. Anywho, I couldn't turn away from the carnage. But Miss Melissa told him not to call or text her EVER again and she stomped off to the limo where a camera crew was ready to comfort her in her time of need.

Then, they bring out Molly, who had some serious frizzes going on, and make her relive the most horrible day of her life. Chris asked her these introspective questions that had foreshadowing written all over them and then they brought out Jason. He asked her to go and have a cup of coffee with him. Seriously. A cup of coffee. She must have been thirsty because she said yes and they bolted off the set faster than you can say "I'm never watching The Bachelor again."

But we all know I probably will.

Tonight is "After the Rose, Part 2" and I'm not sure I can handle another hour of lame questions, man crying and bad hair. But I've come this far, I ain't stopping now. Plus, I'm dying to know if Melissa keyed Jason's car.

And so, you see, those are the reasons I gained 1.5 pounds this week. But it was so worth it :)

How'd you do? I know none of you probably waste your precious time with such frivolity, but if you did, what did you think of this week in reality television?


The Gang's Momma said...

No healthy challenges update for me either.

And I'm so disgusted by the whole Bachelor thing. On so many levels. And I'm not even a regular watcher. Just disgusted by their disgusting behavior.

Run Molly Run!

Promises Fulfilled said...

I did not do so great this week - I know, I don't really write about it, but I keep track on my own!

Ok, as far as the Bachelor goes - they "never" make it anyhow, so isn't it "better" that he breaks up with the one girl now and try it out with the other! HA! I have no idea, I rarely watched it, b/c Dawson HATES the show!

TCC said...

I have not watched the Bachelor since maybe the 4th season. It annoys me that they actually think it's going to work...when season after season it has proven not to.

My question is this - knowing that the odds are largely stacked against you - why do these people keep signing up for it? Scratch that - why do the girls keep signing up for it?!? I know...it's because maybe this one time it will work and be perfect...that is the hope they dangle for them. And yet, while they dangle the carrot, they create what I would suggest is a hink the stage they set creates a flawed foundation.

Obviously I don't watch the show and part of the reason is because it bugs me to no end - the irony of it is that they call it a "reality" show when so much of what is unrealistic in nature. Ok, I need to stop now. The other reason I don't watch it is because I think 24 is on during the same timeslot. A completely unrealistic show that keeps me on the edge of my seat. LOL.

TCC said...

My apologies for the typos...

..while they danle the carrot, they create what I would suggest is a flawed foundation.

...that they call it a "reality" show when so much of it is unrealistic in nature.

is how it should read. :)

Melissa said...

You made me wish I had watched the Bachelor, but like the Apprentice I lost interest after the 3rd season because they were all the same lame concept and oh. so. predictable.

I did not even attempt to weigh myself this week...but, I have been trying to cut back on caffeine the tiniest of smidges (like maybe drinking 2 ounces less per day then I normally do) and I have been packing salads for lunch. My plan is to start walking if this frigid region we dwell in ever becomes warm enough to walk anywhere besides from the house to the car and then back into the house again.