Monday, March 02, 2009

Consider Adding this to your Easter Celebration


Livin' Life said...

Looks like it will be amazing. Is it at CLA and what age is recommended? I didn't know if it was something the boys could go to?

Natalie said...


Yes, it is at CLA. They recommend children be at least 5 years old, but with this production I would use even more discretion. They give a very graphic portrayal of Christ's death, complete with lots of blood.

I did take Alyssa to see it two years ago (she would've been 7) and she wasn't bothered by it. This year, we've purchased a ticket for Kaylene, but I'm still thinking about whether we'll take her or not. She is much more sensitive. So use your own judgment.

Last year's drama was amazing and I've never seen an Easter production that was so engaging. Alyssa was mesmerized and it really brought the whole story alive. It was told through Peter's eyes.

If you come, keep your eyes open for Patty and Allison Kob...they are both in it this year! We'll be there on the 4th at the 6:00 show.