Friday, January 30, 2009

Dry Skin: A Flaky and Sometimes Burning Topic

Our corner has definitely benefited from the use of our new humidifier this winter. We aren't waking up with dry throats or coughing in the night. Simms has seen a decrease in headaches as well. We also don't "shock" each other any more. The only down side is that I was still struggling with symptoms that my friend Thrills told me was due to dry skin.

My annual trip to the dermatologist this January confirmed what Thrills said. She told me that the humidifier definitely helps however age also has something to do with dry skin. Great. Another annoyance to deal with. She said that when she was in her early 30's, she only needed to moisturize her legs but as she moved into her late 30's, her entire body needed to be moisturized - especially her back where the effect of dry skin caused itchiness and tingly/burning sensations. If you haven't experienced this, the description may sound weird (and good for you!) but if you have, then you understand exactly what I'm saying.

Wonderful. More evidence that I am indeed getting older. Another step to add to my daily routine.

Now, after I shower, I pat dry, and then slather on cream. This is important. Lotion isn't good enough. How do you tell the difference? According to Thrills, if it's from a pump, it's a lotion. Creams are in tubs. My dermatologist confirmed the benefits of using a cream instead of a lotion. I thought I had a pretty good supply of creams that have been purchased on sales here and there but after emptying one of my containers in a mere two weeks I can see that my supply is going to be depleted pretty quickly. My next quest is to locate and purchase a vat of cream at a good price! Any suggestions???

Enough about me. How about you?
  • Have you hit the late 30's stage of dry skin?

  • Do you slather on cream? I've heard you can use baby oil but for some reason I have an aversion to that right now.

  • If you use cream, care to share what kind?

  • Has another remedy worked for you? Seriously I'd love to hear about it. Not saying I'm going to do it (see above comment about baby oil) but you never know, it might benefit another reader.

One final note - the cream works. I haven't had any of the symptoms of dry skin!


Thrills said...

I've been wanting to repost "Good-bye Winter Itch" for about a month now, but just haven't done it yet. It is a post I wrote 2 years ago to help everyone with there dry itchy skin. It really does help!!!! (It is child recommended too. My kids get baby oil slathered on them as soon as they get out of the tub.) Check it out:

Thrills said...

I usually use Cetaphil or the equivalant generic (works just as well), but this past time I am using the CVS equivalant to Eucerin. I don't like it as well. I only buy creams in a tub - unscented.

I know this goes against the unscented thing but when I get out of the shower, I use Johnson's Baby Oil with Lavendar. I love the smell. The entire family uses it.

Tiffany said...

Two wonderful words: Olive Oil. Once you try it you'll never go back. It is wonderful! We've slathered down our babies since birth with the stuff and use it all the time for the dry skin patches and the sore red skin kids get in the winter from drool. (At least mine do. I have a heavy drooler.) It's a staple in our house, more for our bodies than cooking even. It's great for your face, legs, pregnant belly, cuticles, scalp, hair and feet. Cosmetics companies make boku bucks with entire "olive oil" skincare products, but a big 'ole extra virgin bottle from BJ's works great. If smelling like olive oil bothers you, add a few drops of essential lavendar oil to the mix, which is said to be great for acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, inflammations, wounds and burns and eczema.

The Gang's Momma said...

Wow, great info in the post and in the comments!

We're big fans of the Lubriderm for Extra Dry Skin. A pediatrician recommended it as highly as Eucerin many years ago and I had a coupon then. I was hooked. It's a fresh clean smell that doesn't interfere with my body spray and it's thick enough to act as a cream. When I'm splurging, I do like the body creams and butters from Bath and Body Works, but I am too practical as of late and just save my coupons and watch the sales.

And the generic of this particular one? Not a fan. It's a tad more watery and the smell is stronger.