Monday, February 02, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge - Week #5

Dark chocolate. That is my answer for the one food I have a hard time turning down. But since it is suppose to be good for you in small doses, I've decided to not limit myself during my healthy challenge. I don't crave it all the time, just at certain times of the month...if you get my drift.

It was another decent week here at the ranch. I had 1-2 sodas but have to say that I'm definitely losing the taste for them. Now they seem way to sugary and just don't satisfy my thirst as much. Progress! Water intake is steadily increasing and bed time is getting closer to 11pm each night. I had hoped to start my exercise video this week but it didn't happen. I also seem to still be avoiding that darn vitamin. I'm not sure why since that would be a no-brainer thing to accomplish every week.

But I am happy to report that I weighed in at 152 pounds this morning!! (Picture coming). Let me recap:

Starting Weight: 156.5
Week 1: 156.5
Week 2: 154
Week 3: 153
Week 4: 152

Slow and steady wins the race! What about you? How are you doing with your personal get healthy goals?

Question for Next Week: What's your love language?

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TCC said...

Please start the Jillian workout so that I can talk to you about it! :)

Meanwhile - great job on the sodas and loss of weight. They actually say that successful weight loss is equivalent to 1-1/2 pounds a week.