Monday, January 26, 2009


Last week Barber and I joined my parents for lunch. This was a challenge for me because when you are watching what you are eating, going to a restaurant can be tough - especially because you are then watching what everyone is eating.

I decided to have a cup of soup and a salad and it was delicious. Barber told me he wasn't hungry for his own meal and that he would just eat some of my salad which was A-OK with me. It was also easier to watch my Mom and Dad eat because they chose soup and salads as well. At the end of the meal the waitress came by and asked the obligatory question - dessert? I shook my head no and knew my Dad would politely decline for all of us when Barber loudly and enthusiastically responded "YES!". I giggled, made eye contact with the waitress to make sure she understood that the answer remained "no" and then reminded Barber that we were not having dessert. He accepted it well but then stated "But she asked."

Wouldn't it be nice if they would not ask?

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