Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Winning Recipe

Our small group had a Chili Cookoff last weekend and my chili took top prize! I thought I'd post the winning recipe so you can all go and win your own chili cookoffs.

1 - large can of diced tomatoes (I use tomato sauce)
(I include all juices for falling ingredients)
1 - can Great Northern Beans
1 - can Black Beans
3 - cans dark Kidney Beans
1 - small can Pork and Beans
1 - lb of lean cooked hamburger meat
7 oz fat free smoked turkey sausage or kielbasa, cut up
1 package of chili seasoning

Brown hamburger first. Add the other ingredients and cook in crockpot all day.


Classic MaMa said...

Congrats! It sounds very, very good.

Melissa said...

Yummmmm!!! That made me hungry just reading it!

The Gang's Momma said...

It sounds good. Very hearty!