Monday, January 26, 2009

Skinny Girl Challenge - Week 4

I am really enjoying reading about how everyone is doing with their healthy lifestyle changes. I've been getting a lot of great ideas from all of you. Keep up the great work!

This week I asked what kind of exercise you enjoy most. I enjoy variety. I get bored going to the gym every day or running every time. I do best when I incorporate a variety of activities like walking, biking, hiking, swimming, etc. Now in the winter variety is much harder to achieve. Actually, any exercise at all is harder to do but I picked up an exercise video at Target that incorporates interval training. This particular interval training does 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.

TCC and I realized we both have the same video so I'm anxious to hear how she is liking it and what type of results she is getting. But that's on my slate to start this week.

Otherwise, I'm drinking more water and doing fairly well with not having an evening snacks. I had two sodas Saturday night while at a company party for Jim. And let me tell you, partying with accountants will definitely drive you right to two sodas. I'm lucky it wasn't more. I'm really trying to get to bed earlier, but I'm hit and miss on that one.

The scale this week still has me at 153. I'm hoping by starting up with some exercise I can start to see a few more pounds start going.

What about you? How did you fair over the last week? Link up and spill the beans.

Next Week's Question: What one food can you almost never say no to?


TCC said...

I think you'll see a BIG difference when you incorporate exercise. Just be prepared to ache ALL over the first couple of days.

The Gang's Momma said...

Still not getting a handle on the exercise thing, but am improving my consistency with journaling. Will be posting my update soon.

LOL - dinners with HR data folks can be similar. I go right for the hard stuff: Diet Cherry Pepsi with an extra cherry if you please :)