Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tips On Saving a Few Bucks This Week!

Ok. I admit it. I enjoy saving money. If I can get something that I want for free, I get excited...and try to take advantage of it as much as I am able to.

So, for all of you that live around a Giant food store, here are a few tips to help you get five products for free, or under a buck! (this is for you, Natalie!)

In the Sunday paper two weeks ago, there was a sheet of Giant coupons - these same coupons (plus one more) can be found in a Giant magazine that is located by the carts when you walk into the store (it would probably be found at customer service too) - by the weekly flyer. The magazine says, "Giant, Celebrating 85 years", it has a girl on it holding a bag of groceries and it says on the front - $21 in coupons. Hopefully you will easily spot it with those descriptions!

Anyway, there are a bunch of coupons in there that you can use as you please, but the ones that I was excited about are located about 2/3 of the way through the book. It is a two page spread and has the following coupons in it - I will also let you know what I have bought, just to give you ideas. My goal was to get items that I need that I would pay less than a buck for - but you can do as you please! The prices that I wrote are before the coupon is used - and remember, there are lots of other choices, this is just what I far!

$1 off any Giant product
The possibilities are "endless" - if you buy some generic anyway!
pretzels $1.50
cheese $1.67 - (that was last week)
cooking spray $1.89
**awesome deal - baby carrots had a sign that said BOGO and it did not expire until 9/27. It did not ring up that way, so I alerted the cashier and she adjusted it. So, for two bags, $1.69 - $1= $0.69!

$1 off any Nature's Promise item (their organic line)
soymilk that is found in a box on the shelf (32 oz) $1.50
ricemilk that is found in a box on a shelf (32 oz) $1.89

$1 off any Guaranteed Value item
(This is a no frills type of line and I really don't buy it, but I found two items that I bought)
lawn and leaf bags, 10 ct $1.25 - I just hope that they hold up!
sugar 4 lb bag $1.69

$1 off an Care One item (their medicines, soap, etc)
hand soap (pump) $1.00 - so, free!
shave gel $1.35
ibuprofen - I think 24 ct $1.00 (I did not get this, b/c they were sold out)

$2 off any Pure Power item (their cleaning supplies)
napkins, 500ct $2.94 (last week, they were $2.50!)
sponges (like the Dobie) 3 ct. $2.09

These coupons expire on 9/27/08 - so, if you have not done your Giant shopping, or just want to pick up a few deals, don't delay - shop today! I think that I will go out for another round tomorrow! :)


Classic MaMa said...

I love you!

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Wow, maybe I need to start getting the paper! Of course, any money I save at the grocery store would end up going to AC Moore or Michaels because I would *have* to use the 40% off coupons from those stores!

TCC said...

...don't delay - shop today!

Guess what I'm doing later? Well, actually I have an appointment at the dentist so, if need be, I will be going tomorrow.