Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We are in a Crisis

After reading this and this and then the comment here, I have to surmise that we are not only in the middle of an economic crisis but we are also in the midst of a spelling crisis. Face it, people. Not having spell check has revealed that none of us know how to spell. I always thought I was a good speller until this week. Now I'm debating the easiest of words, "Hey, Jim, how do you spell "said?"

I remember in second grade that we had a spelling test every Friday. We had a pre-test on Thursday and if you got a 100% on Thursday you didn't have to take the test on Friday. Then, the teacher sweetened the pot and said that if every one got a 100% on a Thursday, we'd have a pizza party. Well, there was this one boy that became the weak link. Every one in the class would help him study all week with hopes that this would be the week he'd get them all right. He never did. And we never had a pizza party.

Okay, that story really doesn't have anything to do with the spell check dilemma, but it was the only spelling story I could think of. Speaking of the word "dilemma," after I wrote yesterday's post I Googled "spell dilemma" to see if I had spelled it correctly. Well, that led me to this post and just complicated the whole spelling question even more.

For the love of Pete, bring back spell check!


Livin' Life said...

Here, Here!! Maybe like in the 60's instead of a sit-in we should have a blog-in to demand our rights to proper spell checks.

Melissa said...

I know. Itz rely anoying.