Monday, February 04, 2008

TV, Kisses and the Other Natalee

*Is anyone else really annoyed that spellcheck on Blogger hasn't worked for a week?

*Well, the votes have been tallied and I did come out a winner (twice) for the Bloggy Giveaways. I won 25 monogrammed notecards and a Zune Mp3 player. Whoo Hoo! Not bad for a few hours or days worth of work.

*Brown Sugar is home today with what looks to be the flu.

*I don't know if anyone except Pippy's mom watches Project Runway, but I seriously have no favorites this season. I'm not sure I'd want any of them making me clothes.

*Speaking of TV, tonight ABC is airing a 90-minute special on the Natalee Holloway case and the new videotape where Joran Van der Sloot basically makes a confession. I have followed this case since day one and always said that he was an arrogant, foolish kid who would someday not be able to keep his mouth shut and he'd let it all slip out---every one just needed to be patient. Two years is all it took.

*Speaking again of TV, did any of you see Celebrity Apprentice last week? Was that not a hoot! I've decided that the normal, every day Joe can't make it on that show because it's just not in their DNA to be conniving and ruthless and well, crazy. Jenny, Nadia and Vinny are too nice of people. I also think this season's Apprentice is giving an interesting look into the psyche of the Trumps.

*Should a mom be concerned if her 2-year-old son likes to french kiss her all the time?

*I think I'm making chicken for dinner.

*Speaking of chicken, some time this week I'm going to tell you about a place that will deliver milk, eggs, cheese, meat, etc. to your door. All organic. Reasonable prices.

*Is anyone else really annoyed that spellcheck on Blogger hasn't worked for a week?


TCC said...

Very annoying!

Hmmm...I'm interested in that organic information.

Congrats on your wins. I didn't but that's was fun to give away something. :)

Hands-Free Heart said...

I usually forget to use the spellchecker :)

That's cool that you won twice. I guess it was worth your time then? I didn't look at or sign up for any of them because 1. I have too much junk/clutter I don't use; and 2. If I started, I would have looked at all 900 of them like you did LOL!

Thrills said...

I like watching PROJECT RUNWAY. I don't have a favorite right now either. My favorites never win anyhow.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE is so much fun this season. I almost wrote a post about it last week, but ended up not. I couldn't believe that they sent Vinny as a "spy". I felt really bad for Vinny. I was also ticked about them bringing Stephen's christianity into it. But I know that is what the world does - always watching our every move for a slip up.

Congrats on the 2 wins! An mp3 player - wow!!!

Livin' Life said...

I like project Runway too. I would love to be on it. I am also upset about the spell check especially since I can't spell really well.

Classic MaMa said...

I laughed out loud becasue a certain one year old likes to kiss mommy with an open mouth. He doesn't do it to anybody else...just me.

Apprentice: Yeah. Um. Bring me back the regular blood-sucking businees people. I don't like the celebs. Gene Simmons really bothered me. I liked him better in make-up and high heels.