Friday, February 01, 2008

New Button

Thanks for everyone's support of my new Politics for Moms blog that went live last week. I've had a great response to it from women all over the nation. Democrats, Republicans, Independents...all have let their voice be heard.

If you were generous enough to include my site button in your sidebar, I thank you!! However, we did discover a glitch in the code that left a little empty text box on the bottom corner of the button that didn't harm anything, it just looked ugly. So we've fixed the code and you can install a new, beautiful looking button back on your site. You can find the code here and here.

Thanks again!


Monkey Giggles said...

Hi there,

You are the winner over at my blogger.

You won a Creative Zen Stone MP3 player. Email me your address and I will get it in the mail.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for the win!!! (I left a comment on monkeygiggles, too, but followed the link here to see what you were all about!)