Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here's My Dilemma

Brown Sugar came home early from school yesterday sick. I picked her up around 10:15 and she started sleeping in the car and really didn't get up until around 2:00. She threw up twice and then seemed to start feeling better. By evening she was doing much better. However, she didn't fall asleep until midnight because of all the sleep she got during the day.

Under normal circumstances I never let her nap because even a 5-minute snooze will keep her from going to sleep for at least an hour that evening. She's more like me in that she doesn't require as much sleep.

So...I plan on keeping her home from school tomorrow but do I let her sleep during the day? If I do, and she can't fall asleep at night, but she goes back to school on Wednesday, she'll be a mess with only a few hours of sleep (she gets up at 6:30am).

What's a mom to do?


Emily said...

Piece of cake. Two capfuls of NyQuil before bed and three shots of espresso in the morning. That should do it.

Oh, have I mentioned lately that I don't have kids?

I love keeping up with your blogs, and I've been telling everyone I meet about Politics for Moms. It's a wonderful resource, even for those of us sans children.


Mari said...

I like the NyQuil idea!!