Sunday, September 09, 2007

Watching Paint Dry May be More Entertaining then Reading this Post

I don't think I'm capable of writing an actual post these days. I can only think in lists. So here are my thoughts from visiting the grocery store today:

*Never go to the grocery store on a Sunday. CRAZY!

*Never take two children with you to the grocery store on a Sunday. CRAZY!

*How is it that Giant slashed 10,000 prices and I only got to take advantage of maybe 10.

*Think about that for a minute...10,000....10,000 item prices were slashed. That blows my mind and makes me wonder just how many products are actually in the grocery store.

*I've never been to a Wegman's before.

*I plan on visiting Wegman's but I will probably not shop there every week.

*I'm actually getting kind of tired of these mega-grocery stores. Too big.

*Where my in-laws live they have this store called something like the Dairy Shack. It's the size of a convenience store and all they sell is staples: bread, milk, cheese, butter, etc. They even have a drive up window.

*Now I'd pay a little more for the convenience of driving up to a window and picking up a gallon of milk. Genius.

*Right now, to buy just a gallon of milk is about a half an hour excursion door to door.

*Six in the Mix orders her groceries on-line and then she drives up to the grocery store and they load them in her car for her. Again...Genius!

*When I was a senior in high school our little town got a new grocery store that had a lobster tank. That was HUGE news. My friend Lisa and I went the first Friday night it was open to cruise the new store.

*That was a pathetic story, wasn't it.

*The other big event was when Wal-Mart opened. If you wanted to see someone or be seen you had to hang out in Wal-Mart.

*Okay, that was even more pathetic than my first story.

*Why did Giant do away with the pre-sliced deli meats that they had at the counter? Now they have to slice everything. I don't know what kind of ham I want. Actually, I just want the Giant ham that was already sliced and sitting in the case.

*I think it's sad that we consider going to the grocery store and eating dinner a date.

*Does anyone ever buy anything from the Giant healthy/organic rows? I just buy almonds in bulk and Pirates Booty.

*Man, do I have stories about Pirate's Booty.

*I'm pretty sure that since I didn't shop with a list today that I'll be making at least 4 other trips back to the grocery this week.

*Patty and I went grocery shopping together last weekend. We parted ways at produce and met up at the checkout at exactly the same time.

*Whenever I'd pass her in an aisle I'd pretend not to know her so we wouldn't start talking about Booty or hummus or fruit.

*She is the person who introduced me to Pirate's Booty.

*In college, we use to call the Giant near the college The Grunge. Remember that Somma and Reever? You can't call it that anymore.

*Speaking of Somma and Reever (faithful readers of this blog), girls do you remember when we took Shelly's car to the Grunge even though none of us knew how to drive stick and we sat at the stop light through two cycles trying to get the car in gear? Good times.

*If you've stayed with me until now, I will reward your diligence with this little tidbit. At the grocery store, Junior likes to ride in the car cart and lick the steering wheel.


2 Boys' Mom said...

I hope you take something to clean that steering wheel off! Andrew does the same thing and Nathan is showing signs of it as well.

BTW, I did the crazy Sunday grocery shopping yesterday evening and I will have to go back just because most of the shelves were empty. When I asked about it at the register, they don't have people restocking because it is Sunday. That is VA small town living for you...we're not in San Diego anymore.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad I stayed to get the prize at the end!

Just think how strong his antibodies are becoming! He's building his own immunities that wil protect him well into his adult years!

The Gang's All Here! said...

This one feels like how my last 3 days have been: splintered, rushed, frenetic, and so on. Today is the first day that I actually felt like some routine was being established and held in place, however loosely!!!

Glad to hear that you are giving Jr. lots of opportunities to sample the world around him - like lizards who "smell" with their tongues. He's just casing the joint for ya! :)

Beth M said...

Oh my gosh.. I soooo remember the grunge.. most of all the chocolate chip cookies with the frosting and M&Ms.. We had some good times at college... Do you remember when you took me to Wal-Mart for my first ever trip to Wal-Mart on our way to Indiana.. I believe I spent $150 dollars on an entire years worth of toiletries because I couldn't believe how cheap the prices were. Miss you (and Reever too!) Call me sometime soon! Somma