Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wegman Shopping Tips & Highlights

Like many of you, I have never been in a Wegman's before. But my SIL Marnie is a frequent shopper at the one in Cherry Hill, NJ and sent me an e-mail with some tips and information that she thought would make my Wegman's experience more enjoyable. I thought we could all benefit from her wisdom:

*Do NOT go on a weekend. (Not a problem. However, I wonder if that rule still applies if I go late at night? And, are they a 24-hour store? If I get a hankering for borscht with plum sauce at 1am can I go satisfy it at Wegman's?)

*Do NOT go near lunch time because they have an enormous prepared food/salad bar area where people from miles come to eat and people watch. (Rats. I like to have lunch at the grocery store and then shop. Maybe if I arrive a little earlier than the lunch crowd I'll be okay. I like to people watch. I also like to watch people who are watching people).

*They have pre-sliced lunch meat. (As all good grocery stores should.)

*The one in Cherry Hill NJ has a toy train that is suspended from the ceiling and runs around the dairy section. (Hey, if they have a toy train, Junior and I will be there every day.)

*Be warned. I went there with a list and came out $300 poorer. They have an incredible foreign food section and for some reason I felt compelled to buy everything that I might some day want to use in a recipe plus they have great family pack meat items - like 20 chicken breasts for $1.99 lb. (Hmmm, the Old El Paso Taco kits are about as much foreign food as I cook so I should be fine. Unless they don't have Old El Paso and then I'll be in a quagmire.)

Does anyone else have tips on shopping at Wegman's?

By the way, did you all get the Giant coupons in the mail today? Can we just all say FREE on items I actually use. Sweet!


Promises Fulfilled said...

I did not get those FREE coupons from Giant today! I did get a booklet of $$ off on itmes at Wegman's and also a few free items there.

Oh, I also wanted to comment on the presliced meat - I do not like it that way. Whenever I would buy the turkey meat at Giant, it would seem to get nasty really quickly and it was a pile of "mush" - I could not get the slices apart in a single slice. So, when they were still slicing, I would actually ask them for freshly sliced meat...sorry, maybe I caused them to go back to slicing everything!

Bastet said...

I didn't get Giant's coupon's either? But I did get Wegman's. I am just excited to see some good competition -- better deals for us! ;)