Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's on my Mind

What a busy week! I've been going a hundred miles and hour and there's no relief in sight until the weekend. So many updates, but so little time...

  • I can't believe there is another toy recall. Have any of you been affected?
  • MIA is going to have their own store soon! Really. Details coming soon.
  • There is a new blog in the blogosphere that is going to color your world happy. Her links alone are going to keep you busy for hours.
  • Junior is in a licking phase. Countertops, shoes, the don't matter to him.
  • Love this post. You should especially check it out if you're a football fan who loves Jesus.
  • According to this, I'm the weakest link. I think I'm going to do a suduko at lunch.
  • My BFF turned 40 on Sunday. But I've heard that the new 40 is more like 20 and the new 50 is more like 30. I think that just means you can choose whatever age you want.
  • I'm Sparkle's Classroom Coordinator. Just a fancy way to say finder of all volunteers and planner of all parties and field trips.
  • A mom needs some advice here.
  • TCC was featured on the Multi-Tasking Moms site this week.
  • Speaking of TCC, she has a fantabulous year of MIA speakers and events planned for this year. You will be at our first meeting next Tuesday from 9-11 in Common Grounds Cafe, won't you?!!
  • I entertained Jim's 93-year-old Aunt last Thursday afternoon. We talked politics, immigration, school reform, socio-economic factors as they relate to urban blacks and about the positive and negative implications of the HPV vaccine.


The Gang's All Here! said...

Love the licking stage ~ Dr. D went thru it at that same age. Rick Hoffman used to laugh cuz he'd catch him licking the concrete walls between the cafe and the classroom/theater room back before they covered them with paper. So embarassing! Shawn G used to tease me that that was classic autistic behavior, back when he was working all day with autistic kids. That kid would lick ANYTHING! It's a miracle that the worst he ever got was hand foot and mouth! Say happy 4oth to PK for me and give her a hug :) Loved this post, btw - my mind is whirring with all I need to do this month too!

Classic MaMa said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff!

Thanks for introducing me to Kathleen's blog. By the by, it looks beautiful!!

TCC said...

I love Tony Morgan...and definitely appreciated that post.

Do you know how much I wish I was a fly on the wall during your conversation with Jim's 93 year old aunt!

Anonymous said...

9-11 on 9/11?

Melissa said...

Take advantage of the licking phase and point him in the right direction....your counters and floors will be spotless!

See on the 11th!