Friday, July 13, 2007

Lord, Give Me Strength

Junior just came to tell me that he stuck a hotdog in the box fan that is sitting in the hallway drying the last patch of carpet.



On Fire For Him said...

Your poo story was enough for me to decide that I will NEVER ever buy generic diapers, ever...

Your update, reminded me that I would do anything to have someone come and work on my carpets for the day.

But this poor post... oh Nat, did you do something to Junior that he just decided he must, must find a way to go after you? Good grief!

I am thinking that after all this poo and hot dogs and cleaning carpets and trying to paint a bathroom and everything else that you haven't even written about, that perhaps Husband should give you a day off this weekend.

Sneak off to Changes and get a facial and a pedicure and a massage. Drink their endless cups of tea.

Now that sounds heavenly in comparison to the mess you've entailed this week!

Hang in there!

Thrills said...

Is this a boy thing or did your girls give you this much trouble too? I just need to know what I have to look forward to.

I agree with On Fire. You deserve some "pamer"ing (pun intended) yourself.

TCC said...

Granted I don't have any girls but I have never experienced anything quite like this with my two sons.

I cannot even imagine the hot dog. I'm picturing somehow him "sneaking" this upstairs?!?!?

The Gang's All Here! said...

Hang in there girl, the mess does lessen. The scrapes and predicaments do not, but the mess they leave behind does. And with two feeding of eachother, I know whereof I speak! This reminds me of an excellent story or two that I just might tell in a future post or two - just so you don't feel so alone in your parenting of a "man's man" boy in training! :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

I meant "feeding off of each other" as in stirring each other into various acts of mischief and mayhem. No, I do not allow them to feed each other. THAT would be a whole 'nother mess I refuse to deal with :)