Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Little Encouragement for all my 'Biggest Loser' Friends

The Top 10 Worst Responses to the Question
"Does This Make Me Look Fat?"

"Not to Stevie Wonder."

"Does this tie make me look stupid?"

"No way! You look *least* fat in that outfit!"

"No hablo ingles."

"If I answer that question, then the terrorists have won."

"Okay, listen: What's important is that you not focus in a negative way on the comparison I am about to make."

"Not if you were travelling at the speed of light."

"Let me jog around to your front and take a look."

"Whoa! A talking couch!!"

"May I consult the Iraqi Minister of Information before answering that

via The Daily Nooz


Say Anything said...

Thanks for the fat jokes. I'll be running on the treadmill tonight, what will YOU be doing?!?

Melissa said...

I was about to break my "no eating after 7pm rule" until I read this. I think I'll go drink a glass of water and do some crunches!