Monday, April 09, 2007

Pressing In

Our oldest was a very easy baby. Then she turned three and someone flipped a switch and she became a disaster. For the next year and a half we went to hell and back with her several times. Melt downs, temper tantrums and all out hissy fits were just a few of the things we experienced on a daily basis with her. It was a very ugly time.

Those were an exhausting couple of years. She was unpredictable and we couldn't take our finger off her--ever. We often wondered if the daily lectures, countless spankings and constant loss of privileges were making a difference in her life. Were we doing anything right to produce a Godly, young lady?

Well, tonight was one of the times when you can look back and say the perseverance, frustration and hair pulling were all worth it. Without any prompting, she acknowledged a bad attitude she was displaying and asked for forgiveness---a practice that is becoming more regular for her.

Not only is she growing taller and older, but it appears she is also starting to grow into the Godly, young lady we have prayed for. Has she arrived? No way! But, as a parent, it's great to see her character blossom and to see her make right choices.

We have a long way to go, but it gives us just the hope we need to renew our parenting resolve and to press forward. Sometimes it's the smallest victories that mean the most.


weavermom said...

O, I needed this today. I just "vented" to a friend that my youngest (who just turned 3) is being a pill today - we are having a very rough day! I'm just not sure I can do this again.

It was good to read a beautiful reminder of the "end of the tunnel."


Six in the Mix said...

I cried-a little bit anyway. We are right there too. Makes heart glad. I'm typing with one hand. baby in other.

Classic MaMa said...

I love that God allows us to see those glimpses of who they will be. Parenting is a marathon, a very worthwhile marathon. :)