Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Works-for-me-Wednesday: Car Edition

Here's several ideas that have served our family well:

  • I have a small rectangular basket between the front two seats that holds tissues, wipes, extra diapers, sunglasses, and other items that would be easy to lose in the car. You could also use a milk crate or small box to keep loose items from rolling around the car and easy to access.

  • For trips, the kids LOVE to listen to these. I can't highly recommend these enough.

  • In my glove compartment, I keep two envelopes of coupons. One envelope holds restaurant coupons and the other holds coupons for stores. Now I never forget to bring the coupons when we spontaneously decide to stop somewhere.

  • A friend of mine developed this first-aid kit. You'll be prepared for any emergency with this kit compactly stowed in your car. It's durable, light and contains everything but a doctor.

  • Here's some things I like to bring along for long trips: Crayola Color Wonder, activity books, maze books or puzzle books, gel pens and a black paper pad, silly putty, magnetic play books.

  • We also like to fold their scooters up and take them along so when we are at a rest stop they can ride around and burn up some energy. They're great because they don't take much room.

Those are my best Works-for-me-Wednesday ideas. Visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer for more ideas.


Merci said...

Ooh, I LOVE the scooter suggestion! Must tuck that one away for future reference.

Rae said...

Awesome tips!! Thanks for sharing! =)

CampHillGirl said...

I love the scooter idea, too!!

Mama Duck said...

Oooo, I love those Color Wonder markers ;). Great tips!