Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Works-for-Me-Wednesday: Celebrate the Top 5

Today's WFMW theme is "Love, Sweet Love." We can share relationship advice or ideas for Valentine's Day. I'm choosing to give some relationship advice.

In the busyness of life and kids, and after more than a decade of marriage, it was real easy for us to start letting special days slide by without much fanfare. Over time we weren't buying cards, definitely not gifts and before long some special days would go by with nary a mention.

But I got convicted that we should always celebrate the "Top Five" after reading Dr. Steve Stephens book, "20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage." Dr. Stephens suggests always taking advantage of these 5 days to strengthen our marriages:


Valentine's Day

Your wedding anniversary

Your spouse's birthday

Mother's/Father's Day

It doesn't have to cost a lot to make these days special. Jim always picks out great cards and has been known to make a few also. But what I really love is the personal notes he writes inside each one. That's what I look forward to reading.

Dr. Stephens also recommends giving gifts. We're guilty of letting finances dictate whether we exchange gifts some years. But "it's often the homemade gift that means the most because your spouse knows you put time and effort into it." I'd have to agree. A little creativity and an attentive ear to hear what your spouse would enjoy is all it takes.

The third thing Dr. Stephens recommends for celebrating the Top 5 is to do something to make the day truly unique. We've been good about celebrating the milestones with big trips (5th & 10th anniversaries), but I've been challenging myself to create "positive, romantic memories" every time. It doesn't need to always be a big trip, but just an activity or memory that will seal the day in our hearts and minds.

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10.

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dave richards said...

Love is the air and valentines Day is just round the corner now...well it's just a few days for all the cool goodies and resources for Valentines Day just drop by my blog and check out all the cool stuff i've posted there!!!

Crafty P said...

Good tip. That book sounds like a good read as well.

Interesting I'm not the only one who got the above comment on her blog. Sounds like an interesting blog, doesn't?

Blessings to you!

Larae said...

That's a great tip, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the book referral too! Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Barbara H. said...

Great advice! And usually it's up to the wife to plan celebrations. My husband thinks it's neat when we do something, even something silly, but just doesn't think about it beforehand.