Monday, February 05, 2007

Put Me Down for A Pack of Pampers

Every day we buy:
1,900,000 Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts

50,051,507 12-oz. cans of Pepsi

8,179,726 20-oz. bottles of Aquafina water

2,400,000 Burger King whoppers

536,000 Domino's pepperoni pizzas

500,000 Hostess Twinkies

234,586 cartons of 64-oz. Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice

87,431 Slim-Fast Optima multi-pack shakes

153,424 lbs. of Starbucks coffee

88,163 Apple iPods

20,826 Dell computers

300,000 packs of Pampers

14,100 First Response pregnancy tests

125,000 Barbie dolls

150,000 Hot Wheels cars

628 Toyota Camry 4-cylinder LEs

34 Porsche 911s
Did you contribute to that list today?

via The Daily News and Time Magazine


weavermom said...

Surprisingly, I did not contriubute to any of these today!

The IPod & Barbie doll numbers are a little scary!

TCC said...

I definitely contributed with a pack of Pampers this past week too!

~ Amy ~ said...

Starbuck's coffee. I contributed again today. I love coffee - probably too much.

Love your site - I'll be visiting often if you don't mind.

Momma Roar said...

Put me down for Pepsi - I don't do coffee, so that is my pick-me-up! I enjoy your site!

Mari said...

Papa John's pepperoni pizza. It came with 2 bottles of Diet Pepsi. Does that count? I wish I could say I bought the Porsche, though! I don't want a Porsche, but I would love the ability to BUY a Porsche!