Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Okay, I'm pathetic. I admit it. But there is a computer in the lobby of where we're staying for guests to use so I couldn't pass the opportunity to log in.

Our trip to Colorado was nerve racking. As you know, we drove to Baltimore Thursday night so we could catch a 7AM flight on Friday. Well, Jim set his watch to get us up at 4:30. I just assumed he had also asked for a wake-up call---as a back up, of course, in case he would happen to stick his hand under his pillow and never hear his alarm. Obviously I was wrong when I just happened to glance at the clock at 5:03. We were suppose to catch a 5:20 shuttle. I yelled bloody murder and then we bounded out of bed like rockets out of control throwing clothes, kids, and whatever else we had into our suitcase.

We made the shuttle and even got to ride over to BWI with an Anderson Cooper look-a-like who happened to be a pilot for Southwest. In fact, the other 4 people on the shuttle were all pilots. They're parting words: "Good luck with those kids." We're off to a great start.

So, now we arrive disheveled and frazzled at BWI and it's only 5:30AM. Our first flight to Charlotte barely arrived in time for us to catch our connecting flight to Denver. We literally flew like bats from you know where out of the first plane and over to the second one. When I asked the gate lady if we had enough time to go to the bathroom before we boarded, she responded "RUN." So run we did.

Now I should pause here to say that even though we didn't buy a seat for Jr. on the first flight, there were plenty of seats available so they let us put him in his car seat. He did great. Never heard a peep from him.

However, as the gate lady informed us, we wouldn't be able to give Jr. his own seat on this leg of the journey because this flight was "slammed." I think that's airplane speak for so full that you'd have to sit with the pilot in order to have a seat. She was right.

As soon as we got on the plane I gave Jr. dramamine, the drug of choice for kids who react crazy to benadryl. The plan had been to give it to him while we were having our layover in Charlotte, but we had to improvise when we arrived late. It should've kicked in after 30 minutes. It took Jr. about 1 hour and 45 minutes of animal-like behavior before he fell asleep. Our "neighbors" seemed to take it all in stride, but it wasn't pretty. At one point he was running down the aisle from our seats back to the bathrooms, barefoot, and gripping his socks in both hands. The entire cabin held their breathe hoping he wouldn't slam into anything since it was a bumpy flight. By the time he fell asleep, the we all heaved a sigh of relief and enjoyed the last 1 hour and 30 minutes in silence.

Every time the flight attendants walked by they would throw us bags of pretzels. I think he ate about 5 bags and we took off the plane another 3 or 4. If nothing us, we got our money's worth in pretzels that flight.

We were so mentally and physically exhausted when we arrived in Denver that we just sat down and tried to regain our composure. We must have rested so long that when we went to get our bags they had already been pulled off the belts and sat over in the corner.

Now we pile into a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan and start the 1-1/2 hour trek to the Vail Valley. Beee-u-ti-ful drive. However, as we are zipping along we all begin to notice that there really isn't a lot of snow. In fact, many of the mountains we see have no snow and what snow we do see if very, very, very dirty. Like it had been sitting there since, say, mid-December.

When we arrive at Vail/Beaver Creek, it is 45 degrees and very little snow. We were a little concerned until we headed up the mountain to the actual ski area. Beaver Creek Resort is 2 miles up the mountain from where we are staying at the base. It was snowing up there and evident that they had had more recent snow.

Please keep us in prayer. When we left PA, Sparkle was running a fever. She seemed to be great today but tonight she has gotten worse. We are actually concerned that she may becoming dehydrated. We're going to let her sleep tonight and see how she is in the morning. But we don't plan on taking her to the mountain to ski tomorrow.

Well, gotta go. Someone else is waiting to use the "guest" computer. I'll check back with you all later.

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jb said...

Even though I knew that you were on vacation, I decided to check in with your blog, and I am glad that I did. I will be praying for you guys!

Look forward to hearing more from you!