Monday, February 12, 2007


Thanks for your prayers for Sparkle. She was doing much better today. I think the combination of the hard trip out here, fighting the virus she picked up at school, and a little bit of altitude sickness got the best of her yesterday.

Today we were able to ski in fresh powder. Something that is rarely seen in the east. Sparkle went out with this afternoon and did a great job manuevering in the white stuff. If you've ever skied in powder you know how exhausting it can be, so she only lasted about 4 runs. However, 4 runs out here took us about 2 hours to complete. She'll sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow we're shopping (Jim will be back at the slopes) and then I'll join him for the last two days. Not sure if the kids will ski more. They've been pretty overwhelmed by it all.


jb said...

So glad that you are having a great vacation and that Sparkle is feeling better. My little guy has developed a cough - not fun for him - it is not too bad though and I am continuing to pray for him! Can't wait to see some photos! Ph, it is snowing here - they are predicting 6-8 inches. I think that we may have one at this point.

weavermom said...

See we know that you, like ourselves, could not really go the whole vacation.... :)

It snowed on the front range last night, so maybe you got a little in the mountains?

Have a great time!