Thursday, January 04, 2007

Get Organized

January is the month that everyone seems to want to organize their house. Here are some great blogs I've been following over the last several months that are written by self-professed "organizing addicts." They've always got great tips and ideas for organizing absolutely any aspect of your house or life.

The site Five Minutes for Mom has a feature called "Ask the Organizer." Women send in their questions and a professional organizer answers them. She's covered some great questions since she started this column in September.

I'm An Organizing Junkie is written by a Canadian mom who loves to enjoy life "one pile of clutter at a time." She always has innovative ideas, and on Thursdays she posts slow cooker recipes.

Jessica Duquette is a professional organizer, radio host and speaker in L.A. who owns In Perfect Order. According to her business site, she and her staff can organize your home in one weekend. But I follow her blog called It's Not About Your Stuff. Here she offers lots of step-by-step advice and practical ideas for organzing all aspects of your life.

At Neat Living, Arianne Benefit is an organizing and productivity expert that offers her advice to help you clear clutter, simplify, get organized and take charge of your life!

Many of these blogs have links to other sites with the same focus. Have fun!

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Jessica Duquette said...

Thanks for the links, mom!

What a beautiful header for your blog. Just to let you know, I AM the "ask the organizer" over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Those ladies are wonderful and their readers ask great questions. They put me to task.

All the best to you and warm blessings for this new year.

Jessica Duquette from It's Not About Your