Monday, January 08, 2007


I haven't been missing in action the last couple of days; I was busy throwing an "after" Christmas Party for about 25 people last night and tonight Jim has 10 guys over for a big football party to watch the National Championship. Although I haven't been actively blogging, I have had lots of blogging-like thoughts. So here goes...

Filed Under Useless Information: "Plutoed" was chosen 2006's Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday. Other words considered: murse (man's purse), flog (a fake blog that promotes products) and macaca (an American citizen treated as an alien).

Filed Under Useful Information: If you are thinking about starting a blog or just want to learn more about how blogs work, you want to visit this great new site called Blogging Basics 101. I wish I would've had this site 6 months ago when I was trying to figure out how a feed worked or what a meme was. Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer and Chillihead from Don't Try This At Home are the brains behind this site.

Filed Under What Am I Thinking: I met with Anne H. today who set me up with a conditioning/strength program to help me get ready for a ski trip we're taking in February. More on all this later but let's just say 5 weeks may not be enough time to get me in shape!

Filed Under Great Ideas: If you haven't spent any time over at Parent Hacks, you are missing out. Parents send in their best "hacks" (ideas/tips) on a variety of topics. You can get hacks on anything from gear to organization to feeding. Check it out!

Filed Under Unstinkinbelievable: Buckeyes lose tonight in a stunner.

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