Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, How's Your Day Going?

Today is Sparkle's 7th birthday. However, Sparkle has informed us multiple times today that this is her worst birthday ever.

And why, you ask, is this her worst birthday ever?

Well, first it was the flu/jungle fever/strep throat, last night it was birthing an alien child (aka a wicked, very wicked, stomach virus). Yes, for 5-6 hours last night I had the most painful, severe stomach cramps I've had outside of childbirth. Outside of the pain, there was really no other symptoms. So we called the doctor thinking it might be appendicitis. He leaned more toward the birthing an alien child theory and told me about this bad stomach virus going around. Then, in an attempt to comfort me, he told me that the first 12 hours are the worse!

12 HOURS. 12 HOURS. I never was in labor with any of my kids for more than 5 hours and now I have to endure 12 hours.

Long, gruesome story short. I ended up vomitting 5 times shortly after we spoke to him and immediately felt 100 times better. I was able to fall asleep and woke up this morning feeling a little queasy but nothing else.

So, back to why this is Sparkle's worst birthday ever...well, since I was once again on my death bed last night I didn't get a chance to decorate her bedroom like I usually do so when she wakes up she's greeted by streamers and signs everywhere. And, because I don't want to risk having a relapse, we decided that we should just stay around here today and not go out and do fun birthday stuff. Even though we are promising a full rain check, it's still hard to postpone your birthday.

It's rough turning 7.

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