Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Debrief

In the twinkle of an eye it's over. The gifts are unwrapped, the cookies eaten, the ornaments a little disheveled, the mounds of trash at the curb, and our house a little fuller with stuff.

Today we got back to the realities of life, and once again I pondered the age old question that has already been so eloquently presented here and here. Why do we spend so much time, energy, money, and angst preparing for this one day when, in the end, it isn't the perfectly decorated house or the big gifts that provide the true meaning of the season?

For me, each year I get to the end of this holiday and always reflect about how I can make it more meaningful and less chaotic and frenzied next year. I've yet to find the perfect balance but I'm always looking for ways to do so. I really appreciated On Fire's recap of how she was able to draw closer to that balance for her family.

Did anyone else get closer to striking that balance this year? I'd love to hear how you were able to enjoy more of the "reason for the season" while still making the gifts and cookies and actvities a part of the celebration.


MK said...

While I was basking in that wonderful Christmas afterglow (after the kids go to bed Christmas night) I was so thankful we didn't just "talk the talk" this year we "walked the walk"! Learning the 24 (ok, truthfully we only made it to 16) Names of Jesus during Advent really put our priorities in order this season. It was a much less chaotic, much less material and a much more peaceful Christmas than I ever remember having! Thanks MIA for devoting a morning for us to learn how to celebrate Christmas the right way!!

Somma said...

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, we stopped off at a fast food restaurant to get some fries for my little guy. My husband bought an additional combo meal which I didn't think much about because I just figured maybe he was hungry as well. Well, much to my surprise, my husband had no intention of eating that meal. He had spotted a homeless man at the corner and purchased the meal to give to him, along with our church's business card. I was moved to tears at this exchange... More than anything, it is our actions that our children will learn from and remember.

Anonymous said...

The 10 day trip in PA was part of the reason why our Christmas morning was so good. It was worth the drive, the time away from home, and choosing to upset grandparents so that we could really celebrate the time together as our own little family on Christmas day.