Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What is Real Beauty?

Dove is causing a stir with this video on their Campaign for Real Beauty Web site. Round up your daughters and show them that 'real beauty' as portrayed by the media is not dependent on having the latest designer jeans or hottest lip gloss color, but on the skill of the graphic designer.

Thanks Dove for letting us see behind the camera!


Anonymous said...

I saw this on another blog yesterday. I never realized what all they do for a commercial. I think at one point they actually stretch the girl's neck! I think it is great that Dove is doing this Real Beauty Campaign.


jb said...

That is an amazing video! It is amazing that they change things SO much - so it is not really natural beauty that they are showing. Thank you for sharing this on your blog.

Say Anything said...

Showed my kids this video yesterday. We all couldn't believe how much altering is done to a model's photo. My son actually said, I think the first girl was prettier. Thanks for sharing!