Monday, August 14, 2006

The Big Picture

I was reflecting today on the posts I wrote here and here about Brown Sugar. And, although I didn't write about it, I was also thinking about my oldest daughter, Sparkle, who also got herself in hot water last week.

At the time, all I could see were two little girls who were being disobedient, stubborn, unforgiving, prideful and just downright maddening. But then God quickly showed me what He saw.

Even at their worst moments, He saw two girls created with great care and potential. He saw their destiny and the gifts He had poured into them. He saw Brown Sugar's compassionate heart and sensitivity for those hurting. He saw her quiet and gentle spirit and her flair for creativity.

He also saw Sparkle's fire and drive, and He knows that one day she will use it to glorify Him. He saw her love for people and looks forward to when she starts using that love to share Christ with those who need Him.

Yes, they are still diamonds in the rough. But under those rough edges and dirt are two of His daughters that He created for a specific purpose. His purpose.

My job is to always keep that big picture in mind. I'm preparing and guiding them so they can fulfill their destiny and know their significance in Christ. I need them to know:

  • that they are valuable
  • that they are wanted and desired
  • that they can trust God
  • that their dreams are significant
  • that they are forgiven so they can forgive
  • how to serve
  • how to be generous.
That's the big picture. And, yes, that sometimes means extending discipline and guiding them back onto the path of life. It also requires that I take off my rose colored glasses and replace them with heavenly glasses. The glasses that sees the diamonds in the rough, those precious jewels of Christ, and takes the time to shine and buff them for His glory.

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jb said...

Great reminder of what we are to do as parents! Thanks!