Friday, July 07, 2006

What's Your Animal??

Did you know that a person's fighting style can be classified as an animal? It's true, according to Dr. Steve Stephens in his book "20 Rules & Tools for a Great Marriage." Take a look at his list and see what animal you're most like.

Turtle: You withdraw inside yourself.
Deer: You get away as fast you can.
Shark: You go for blood.
Donkey: You stand your ground and don't budge.
Chameleon: You give them whatever they want.
Elephant: You give in, but you never forget.

At one time or another I've been all these animals. When I first got married I was a cross between a Turtle and an Elephant. A Turephant. As we fought I'd withdraw, but I'd never forget. Usually, about 6 months later when I'd reach my limit I'd bubble over and a laundry list of offenses would come pouring out.

"Remember on March 12 when you took the last piece of meat and didn't even ask if I wanted any? And then on April 2 you..." Yes, a Turephant.

Now that I'm nearly 14 years into my marriage I'd like to think my fighting style has evolved more into a "Donkleon." Yes, just like the donkey, I can stand my ground but I do often budge. That's when my Chameleon side slips in and tries to bring peace to the situation. Yes, that's me. A Donkleon or is it a Chamkey?

What's your animal?

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