Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Call to Spiritual Motherhood

Periodically I have been asked if I miss teaching. Sometimes I do but not because I miss imparting my biological knowledge to high school students or I like to challenge them to think critically. Although that is a lot of fun. Yes...I used the words "fun" and "high school students" in the same paragraph. LOL.

The students. My kids. That is how I thought about them. Interacting with them and having a positive impact on their lives...that is what I sometimes miss.

My husband is great with all kids - even little ones. And they adore him. He is like a magnet or the pied piper where children are concerned. During Parent's Day at my son's school, Simms was constantly surrounded by children that are not ours. They would ask him questions, want to show him something, request that he read to them, etc. He graciously complied and blessed each and every one of them that day.

Are kids drawn to you? Is your house the one where they congregate? It might be due to more than your great cooking. Join us in February for MIA when Pastor Beth Kempf shares her journey of spiritual parenting.

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